Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a difference three days make!

So the trend of not wanting to sleep until after 9:00pm continued for two more nights. I'm hoping not to jinx myself here, but Santi actually went to bed tonight with no resistance at 7:15pm! The sleep fighting till 9:00pm (or later!) seems over. I'm knocking on wood that that means he's made the adjustment to daylight saving time. It's currently 8:45pm here and still twilight.

I don't know if it helped that I closed the shutters and curtains in his room before his bath, so that he didn't see anymore daylight while he was getting his pj's on. I usually close them after I put his pj's on, while he plays a little on the bed and looks at books. After reading some advice about how being "overtired" can actually make kids hyper and have more trouble sleeping, I also insisted on him going to bed as quickly as possible after dinner. I even rushed his bath. I usually ask him if he wants to get out and wait until he nods and raises his arms to be picked up. Today I pulled him out even though he turned away from me and wrapped his arms around himself, which is what he does to say "no! more bath!". But as soon as I wrapped him in a towel he collapsed with his head on my shoulder and arms around my neck, so I might try doing that more often. After that he played a little while putting on jammies, but quickly started pointing to his sleep sack and crawling into my arms.

Momma is MUCH happier tonight than she was yesterday. I just hope he doesn't decide to get up 45 minutes earlier tomorrow morning...

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