Saturday, March 27, 2010

The best baguette in Paris

This, dear reader, is the best baguette in Paris. Literally. It won the 2010 annual competition and will be the baguette served exclusively at the palais de l'Elysée at the president's personal table for the next year.

I stood in line, had to elbow my way out, and got the chocolate Easter bunny that I had also bought for Santi smashed into lots of little pieces by the morons around me within 10 seconds of paying.

Is it good? Yes, very. Is it the best I've ever eaten? No, and I will not be making the trek to the other side of the Montmartre Butte to get it on a regular basis. But, on the occasions when I do find myself there, I'll probably pick one up. If we need some bread.

If you're in the area and would like to give it a try:

Le Grenier à pain, Michel GALLOYER and Anne-Marie GUILLARD
38, rue des Abbesses
Paris, 18th arrondissement

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