Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grey Saturday

Well, with Greg in Mexico, I'm taking on a single mom role until April 7, when Greg's mom will arrive to help out during the week before little Santi and I make the trip to Mexico and catch up with papa. It's not as scary as I'd imagined so far (she says 3 days in), but it is tiring. We are very lucky that we were awarded a place in the full-time municipal daycare center. It's top-notch and we pay according to our means.

But the weekend seems a bit long to me. Santi is a little under the weather, which means clingy and easily tired. But it's so much easier now than it was before to take care of him on my own. Now that he can walk, communicate (even if not exactly talking), and play on his own for a few minutes here and there, I don't feel so overwhelmed. He's currently obsessed with a picture book I got him from the library called "Le Petit Pouët" that is about a tiny guy, his trumpet, and a lot of existential angst (so very French).

I need to finish at least the English version of the final report before I leave for Mexico to complete my postdoc grant in good standing. That's the tricky part with no one here. I really have to learn to get everything done at the office (or at night when Santi is asleep, although I'm pretty pooped them too). I realize I have some pretty crappy work habits from grad school, or maybe it's just that I don't have the luxury of working when I want as long as I want. Oh well. C'est la nouvelle vie!

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