Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ya Estamos Aqui!!!!

So it's been awhile and a lot has happened. The highlights are that M. X and I now have an apartment as of exactly a week ago. We were worried because after signing the contract and paying the deposit we were told that there were still renovations to do and we had to wait a few more days before moving in. The renovations included installing everything in the kitchen. This was to take place over a weekend and we were doubtful this would happen. But we had a kind invitation from a friend to stay in her family's vacation home in Tepotzlan (a very pretty small town to the south of the city that is famous for an Aztec temple. Pictures to be posted soon) over that weekend so we resolved not to worry about it. The weekend was great, and lo and behold, the apartment was ready when we got back!

The last week has been a blur of borrowing trucks, running back and forth across the city moving and buying furniture, major appliances, and plants, and (most importantly) getting our wireless internet set up. We're still going poco a poco but it's now starting to feel and look like home.

As I write this entry from the eighth floor of our building, I can see the peak of the volcano Popocatepetl silhouetted on the horizon, with a tiny plume of smoke. It will be gone with the smog once the sun fully rises, but is a nice accompaniment to breakfast.

The apartment and view from our balcony (I know, the curtains HAVE to go!):

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Esita said...


Just wandered on over from the LDR board. I'm dead jealous of your move. I like to keep things fresh as well, and I'm getting bored where I am now. Best of luck.


P.S. what's your myspace name? Mine's Esita so feel free to add me!