Thursday, February 1, 2007

I'm coming back!!!

So I am coming back, both to Mexico City and to Blogger. The Chichimeca is going for round two with one of the world's most incredible cities. And returning to Blogger to keep you in the loop. I had a moment of wackiness where I signed up for a MySpace account, thinking this would be an awesome way to stay in touch. Yes, I did it, despite all of the horror stories of it being a medium of revisionist history for those who want to relive their high school feuds, hook-up with people who also enjoy gang-piercing stray cats, and stalk/snoop on your ex. And about 20 minutes into trying to figure out how to make the thing look halfway decent, change the default settings that insist I'm a swinging circus clown who never wants children, and delete "Tom" from my "Friends" list (he's automatically added to "help"you. That is, give you technical support, but also not make you look like a loser because you have no friends on your list. Although, of course, EVERYONE on MySpace knows that "Tom" isn't REALLY your friend), I gave up. I did check in once again long enough to see I had a request from "Anais" to be added as a friend, but apparently she is some French singer/rocker who then uses your page to promote her albums. Sheesh! I then realized the error of my ways, came back to Blogger to start this blog and now feel in my place.

To get you up to speed, I am packing up the Arizona apartment and will be migrating temporarily to California. But come Feb 10, I'll be back in the DF. Stay tuned for updates.

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