Sunday, March 4, 2007

Weekend Happenings

We spent most of the weekend just wandering around the neighborhood and visiting with some friends, but here's a picture from one of the many temporary art installations that are strewn around the neighborhood for the next week or so. This exhibition is called "Habitantes Incomodos" (Uncomfortable Inhabitants) and involves many different artists. It seems like some are trying a little too hard to be clever, but the idea is nice.

This one is called something like "No todo lo que es verde brilla" (Not everything green shines). The artist put the tops of the ubiquitous VW Bug taxis in the fountain in the Plaza Citlatepetl and filled the rest of the fountain with iris plants. Both are apparently green plagues in the city (the "Bochos" taxis are always green and the aquatic plants are invading the waterways of many historic neighborhoods that maintain portions of the original Aztec canal/chinampa agriculture systems. I guess now they'll be a problem in the Condesa too?).

Anyway, for your consideration:

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